Vitamin B-12 Tropical Blast

    In a Spray Applicator - 1 oz

    99% Pure Vitamin B-12

    Compare the prices of Quick Energy Drinks:

    ·       16oz can Energy Drink w/sugar, $1.99

    ·       5 Hour Energy Shot, $2.99 – $3.50

    ·       Tropical Boost Energy Boost $0.19*

    *Calculated on the base price of $8.29 at a normal use of 7 spurts per dose.

    Vitamin B-12, the energy vitamin, is a high-potency natural energy source. It is
    essential for many functions within the body and is vital for maintaining optimum health

    ·        >  Formation of red blood cells

    ·        > Maintenance of the central nervous system

    ·       >  Formation of DNA

    ·       >  Regulating metabolic pathways

    ·         > Supporting healthy heart functions

    ·        >  Combating chronic fatigue

    B-12 is found naturally in meat, eggs and milk; therefore, supplementation can by very
    important for vegans as well as those predisposed to anemia. Sixteen percent of older
    adults are B-12 deficient, most often related to an inability to absorb vitamin B-12
    found in food.** "The Institute of Medicine recommends adults over 50 get most of
    their B-12 from supplements and fortified food because of impaired B-12 absorption."**

    day. Regular, consistent supplementation provides the maximum benefits possible.
    With Tropical Blast, there is no reflux or upset stomach, and it is priced competitively
    to make it a part of your daily supplementation regimen.

    Why a Spray Applicator? Here at The Prairie’s Edge we believe in taking vitamins
    orally, under the tongue (sublingually). More of the active ingredients absorbs
    sublingually rather than proceeding through the digestive system. We recommend
    spraying 7 to 10 spurts under the tongue, let it set for 2 or 3 minutes for adequate
    absorption. Although B12 is essential to your overall health, it is great as a Quick
    Energy shot also.  

    Shelf life:

    Present lot, Expiration Date – 12/2017

    **The Physician's Desk Reference
< < Vitamin B-12 - Spray Applicator  1.0 oz
Our Labs has developed an easy way to
administer a sub-lingual dose
Vitamin B-12.
Just spray directly under your tongue.
You should shortly notice the extra Energy Boost.
Compare to Energy Drinks $1.99-2.49,
Five Hour drinks $2.99-3.99 for a dose
of Energy. TPE Vitamin B-12 - $0.19 (19 cents
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